As a long time tennis player/enthusiast I was overjoyed to hear that Alon On Sports was looking for a tennis pundit/contributor. I spent many years since childhood playing tennis (mostly doubles), but I’ve watched more. Naturally, I grew up watching and loving Andre Agassi (and seeing Pete Sampras as the Darth Vader to Agassi’s Obi-Wan, or something). More recently I’ve been a big Roger Federer fan. I’ve got much love for all tennis players, even Sampras. I love Tennis.

I also love Hockey. I’ve been a Devils fan since the mid 90’s (recently found a ticket stub from a game in ‘96). I sang the National Anthem in front of Marty Brodeur last fall which was surreal as fuck. I’ll be contributing to Alon On Sports from time to time about Devils news/contract snafus/other punditry/etc. as well as updates on the Islander’s/Barclay’s Center saga… anxiously looking forward to a possible move to Brooklyn.

I was always a sports fan as a kid, my favorite keyboard from childhood till now, the Casio MT-520 (which I’ve written many songs on) still has baseball card stickers next to the keys from when I was really into baseball cards, some point in the late 80’s. My profile picture is from 1988, with my dad and older brother. I was 5. And a Mets fan.

If you’ve got questions for me or want to follow me on the twitterverse: I am @TennismansWharf



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